Island of Blue Dolphins Extra Credit

The Island of Blue Dolphins

Extra Credit Options

You may complete any ONE of these options to earn extra credit toward your Reading grade.  You may begin as soon as we start reading the novel, and the projects will be due on the day that we take the final test (which will be in approximately three weeks).  The amount of extra credit earned will be determined by the amount of work that is put into the project. 

Read and write a book report on a book by the same author             (Scott O’Dell)

Create a diorama that depicts any scene from the story.

Compose a poem about the story, the theme, or one of the characters.

Draw, color, or paint a picture that depicts any scene or character.

Create a 3d model of the island.

Create jewelry that replicates the jewelry described in the story.

Create a map of the island and identify locations mentioned in the story.

Create a picture dictionary with pictures and descriptions of the animals from the story.

Do research and write a report about the real island girl upon which this story is based. 

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